1. Economic saving

The cost of the wooden houses, thanks to the construction system and the detailed pre-assembly planning, compared to other types of conventional constructions such as stone, concrete and brick, are much cheaper after completion of the work.

All types of wooden houses we offer, are built very quickly. This speed of assembly, installation and construction, much faster than a conventional work, reports a considerable savings in hours of labor that directly affect the final price of the entire home. Ask for a quote for the idea of ​​housing you have!

2. Energy Efficiency 

Wood is a natural and organic material with mechanical, acoustic and thermal qualities that make it unique.
Its excellent insulating properties make wood a very suitable and effective material to insulate a house from both cold and heat. This means a very important energy saving, when compared to the construction of stone, concrete, brick or pladur.

The construction of a house with wood, fits perfectly with the concept of passive house (Passivhaus). Houses with an energy consumption far inferior to the conventional constructions, maintain the thermal comfort.

3. Comfort and well-being

The wood is considered as a noble material. This category has earned it by the sensations transmitted by this material. In a space where wood predominates, people feel very welcome and experience feelings of well-being.

The wooden houses give a unique warmth, which offers a sense of tranquility, calm and relaxation to whoever lives in it. Offering a peaceful and comfortable life to those who live daily.

Besides being a good thermal insulation, the wood is also an excellent acoustic insulation. Inside a wooden house, the sounds and noises will always be cushioned and will live in a space without sharp, strident and stressful sounds.


4. Architectural Versatility

Our wooden houses can be of different construction systems. Wooden houses with light trunks, solid trunk, structural or modular contralaminat.

All these systems are versatile and flexible in design. We create houses and personalized homes in each project.

Making expansions, changing plant sizes or moving spaces and playing with the interior design, everything is possible to get the house with the desired layout and organization. Whether you want a simple house and ground floor, or a more modern house with a floor, we will give you the solution.

5. We respect the forests

All the wood we work comes from sustainable and renewable forests in Finland. Our houses are respectful of the environment, both for their origin and for the transport system used.

Sustainable forests are actively involved in the preservation of the environment, both by the natural space and ecosystems they inhabit, and by their absorption of atmospheric CO2.

6. Wood from Europe

All the houses we manufacture and build are made of wood of European origin. We use natural wood of continental proximity and of great quality to realize the constructions.

This fact makes it possible to avoid the emission of many tons of CO2  from the fossil fuels used for transcontinental maritime transport.


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