Wooden house in Osona

Construction of a wooden house in Cantonigròs.

At the end of 2009, Matioska's team built a house with the lightweight system in Cantonigròs, a small mountain town in the Osona region (Barcelona).

The house was built very quickly, with little more than a month, thanks to the work previously done in the workshop. Machining and prefabricating parts of the structure of the walls of wood, to only have them that fit in the place of the work.

The structure of the lightweight type consists of a skeleton of beams and wooden crossbeams, on a concrete base. This structure is then covered with OSB panels (Oriented Strand Board), and the interior is filled with rock wool, to give a good insulation in the house.

In this case, the final finish of the house was made of stone. Externally coating the wood panels and further increasing the thermal insulation. Also, with the stone finish the building was given a conventional housing aspect according to the rest of the neighbors.

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